7 Must-Haves When House Hunting

7 Must-Haves When House Hunting
December 26, 2022 John Wason
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The world of real estate is tricky, no matter what side you are on. Both come with their challenges, whether you are a seller or a buyer. Today, we will focus on the buyers’ side and try to give you some tips. If you ever went house hunting, you must prepare to find what you want. You can’t go in blindly and just expect everything to work out in your favor. Because the world of real estate is ruthless, and if you are not careful, you might make a bad financial decision that will affect every aspect of your life. To avoid this, we will teach you about the must-haves when house hunting.

Two people sitting on the couch and talking to their real estate agent, who is one of the must-haves when house hunting

A real estate agent

When going house hunting, a well-experienced real estate agent is the best thing you can have by your side. You can go house hunting on your own, but you would be risking a lot because there is so much you don’t know about buying real estate. On the other, real estate agents have been through this process many times before, so they know all the tips to help make this process run smoothly. They know the market better than anyone and will ensure you don’t get tricked into paying more than you should. Real estate agents are there to represent your best interests, but you need to be very clear when communicating with them so that they can do their job. Explain to them in depth what you are looking for in your new home and what is a complete deal breaker.

Must-haves when house hunting- Documents that show your financial ability

Proof that you can afford to buy a new house is one of the must-haves when house hunting. Even if you find a home you like and have a successful open house tour, if you cannot prove to the owner that you can pay for it, that’s where your house-hunting journey ends. No serious seller will want to do business with you if you don’t bring the documents that show you are financially able to do this.  Proof of funds can be a couple of different things. The most common one is a mortgage approval letter, but there are other things too. You can bring your bank statement, which can be more than a month old. Otherwise, the seller won’t accept it. Or in some cases, if you are already selling your old home, you can bring evidence of an ongoing property sale.

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A list of things you want and don’t want

It’s much easier to house hunt when you know what you want. You can easily get lost in real estate if you don’t narrow the search. So, what you should do is make a list of things you want in your new home and things that are deal breakers. This list should include the price range, preferred area/neighborhood, size (how many bedrooms, bathrooms), etc. It’s also good to specify what things you would be willing to compromise. Then you give this list to your trusted real estate agent so he can find some good options for you. 

A lawyer

In most states, you do not need a lawyer to buy a new home. But that shouldn’t stop you from hiring one anyways. That’s because lawyers are incredibly useful in these situations, especially when deciding big financial decisions such as buying a house. Lawyers are there to ensure everything is done according to the law and there are no irregularities. Real estate agents are excellent, but lawyers are the ultimate legal protection. They are there, so you don’t have to be stressed about contracts, documents, etc.

A good attitude

You will need more than a good agent and proof of funds to successfully buy a house. You will also need to have a good attitude and nice manners. Many houses were never bought because buyers were unpleasant and rude during the open house day. When selling their home, they often want to sell to someone who left an excellent first impression. For instance, to someone who seems decent and that will take good care of the house. That is especially true when someone is selling their childhood home and wants to ensure they leave it in good hands. So, ensure you are nice, pleasant, and friendly when speaking to the seller.

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Relocating budget

While much is said about setting a price range for your home and bringing proof of funds to the seller, one crucial financial aspect often gets overlooked. And that is budgeting for the relocation process. Moving can be expensive, especially if you are making a long-distance move. So you need to have a budget for that figured out before committing to purchasing a new property. How much does a relocation cost? Do you need to hire movers” These are all frequently asked questions about moving, and you can gather all the information by doing some online research. But the best way is to contact your local moving company directly and get the information firsthand.


And finally, you will need much patience when house hunting. Finding the right home that fulfills all your needs AND fits your budget will take some time, even with a great real estate agent. And that can be frustrating after a while. But remember that you only buy a new home once or twice. And it is worth all the effort. Because you will end a with a wonderful home to create new memories in,

In conclusion

The search for a perfect home can be stressful. These must-haves when house hunting are there to help you simplify the process and make a well-informed decision before you commit to a new home.