About Us

About Us

At Flag Homes Real Estate, we are guided each day by the following mission:

  • It is our goal to provide the most professional, knowledgeable, courteous, quality service to each and everyone of our real estate clients so they will be very satisfied and feel confident referring us to others.
  • It is our purpose to be good listeners and good communicators, to be efficient and organized in our daily business.
  • It is our quest to respect other professionals in the industry and be respected in turn as hard workers who are a good representatives of our profession.
  • It is our aim to be successful so that we can enjoy a happy and balanced life.

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Meet John Wason and Jerome Naleski of Flag Homes Real Estate and see why people in Flagstaff love working with them.


  • Working with John was really great, he took the time to get to know us at the time at which we were looking to buy, and then he wanted to know more about where we were going to be in five years, where we were going to be in ten years, and we really appreciated that.

    Cody & Anna Canning
    Cody & Anna Canning
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