Why Spring is the Best Season to Sell Your Home

Why Spring is the Best Season to Sell Your Home
March 20, 2022 John Wason
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How do you know the springtime has arrived? Well, you can hear the birds singing, you can smell the flowers blooming, and you can see the houses selling! Spring brings out all the buyers on the market. They are out and motivated to buy their future homes. So, if you have a house that you want to sell, now is the time. But, we understand that doing that is easier said than done. After all, you need some legitimate reasons why spring is the best season to sell your home, right? Do not worry – we got you. Today, we will talk about all the things that make spring the most favorable season for home-selling processes. Thus, if this is something that you are interested in, keep your eyes peeled.

Your Will Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money

As previously mentioned, there are numerous reasons why spring is the best season to sell your home. But, one is chief among them – spring is when home prices tend to rise the most. According to real estate reports, home prices rise as much as 15% in the springtime in most American states. And, that is not all – they also tend to sell a lot faster when compared to all other seasons. In general, most homes stay on the market for approximately 30 days, and, in springtime, they sell for seven days. There’s no better reason for selling your home this spring.


The rise in value and the decrease in median days on the market happen because of the so-called seller’s market. Namely, there are more buyers than sellers in the seller’s market. Thus, sellers are the ones in charge. You will be the one setting the price, and still, buyers will fight for your home.

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Spring Produces Buyers

As soon as the weather warms up, expect an influx of buyers on your doorstep. You will see people on vacation trying to find a home and move in before their work starts, and you will see parents trying to find a home before school starts.

So, if you put your home on the market, be prepared to move out of it soon. There’s no doubt that you will sell your home in a blink of an eye. Thus, start planning early, as preparing for your spring move will require a bit of effort. Find your new home, and of course, hire your movers on time! Waste no time, as most movers are rather busy during springtime.

Curb Appeal Will Work in Your Favor

Imagine having potential buyers at your home during winter or autumn – everything is dark, gloomy, and just a little bit depressive. Even if you have worked hard on staging your home and there seems to be nothing wrong with it, some buyers will not like it because of the ongoing mood. But, there is nothing you can change about that. The best you can do is wait for spring to come. Spring is when even the dreariest homes start looking beautiful and bright. 


Moreover, when you have the curb appeal of your home working in your favor, you will attract serious buyers and be able to maximize the value of your home. By making just a couple of changes in your home (letting the light and fresh air in, putting colorful bouquets on tables, etc.), you will be able to increase the value of your home without even making any significant investments. Keep in mind that landscaping can also maximize curb appeal – freshly mown grass, scented flowers, trimmed trees, and bushes will all kick your curb appeal up a notch anytime.

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Perfect Moving Weather

Last but certainly not the least significant reason why spring is the best season to sell your house is the fact that moving during this period is the easiest. Yes, this applies to you moving out of your home and to new buyers moving into their new home. Just think about it – when you have to sell and buy your new home simultaneously (and when your buyers have to do the same), you will all want the weather to be warm and pleasant. Moving out and then moving back in can be very stressful and complex. And, when you add the constant rain, freezing snow, or scorching heat to your already long list of moving duties, things will get a lot worse.

Weather-wise, spring is simply perfect for moving. The temperatures are moderate, and there aren’t any extreme weather conditions. This means no ruined cardboard boxes due to rain, no slipping and falling due to snow, no changing your shirt ten times a day due to heat, and so on.

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Final Words

As you should have noticed, there are many reasons why spring is the optimal time for listing a property. When selling your home, try putting it on the market at the beginning of spring if at all possible. Doing that will increase your chances of finding buyers quickly and selling it for the best possible price. Don’t worry if that’s not a possibility. Selling your home and achieving the same results is possible in all other seasons, too – but you might have to be patient (and a little bit lucky).


Moreover, do not rush to list your home this spring if you are not ready. You must be physically and emotionally prepared for something as big as selling your home. Put yourself and your needs first, and then list your home. Spring is the best season to sell your home – but only if ready.